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5 Basic Tips to Prevent Thefts From Your Electrical Enclosure

5 Basic Tips to Prevent Thefts From Your Electrical Enclosure An electrical enclosure is essentially a metal or PVC box that encloses your electrical components and prevents anyone and any form of ingress from reaching them. Depending on the size, an electrician will install the enclosure at a building site before the wiring crew installs

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IP67 vs. IP68 Enclosure Ratings​

IP67 vs. IP68 Enclosure Ratings Regardless of whether it is outside or inside a building structure, electrical hardware should always be securely housed. When installing enclosures, ranging from stainless steel cabinets to large double-door kiosks, you need to think about the security and assurance of the electrical hardware (if the enclosure is being fitted in

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Dos and Donts of Electrical Installation

Do’s and Dont’s of electrical enclosure installs Why would I need an electrical enclosure?   Whether it is outside or within a building, electrical or electronic equipment needs to be safely housed. When installing electrical enclosures, you have to consider the safety and protection of the electrical equipment (this needs to be particularly focused on

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7 Electrical Safety Myths Busted

7 Electrical Safety Myths Busted Did you know that according to the electrical safety charity Electricity Safety First, over half of all domestic fires in the UK in 2018/19 had an electrical origin? Electrical safety does not have shortcuts, and turning a blind eye to them can have serious consequences – from injuries to damage

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